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Quest Scuba Tector Metal Detector Detector de Metales Quest Scuba Tector

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Quest Scuba Tector Underwater Metal Detector The Quest Scuba Tector Metal Detector has quickly be...
Quest XPointer Scuba Tector Su diseño a prueba de agua permite una asistencia eficaz en cacerías ...
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Quest Scuba Tector Underwater Metal Detector

The Quest Scuba Tector Metal Detector has quickly become one of the most popular products of 2018 for underwater diving, beach detecting and general metal detecting. The Scuba Tector features a powerful pulse induction (PI) technology and a 5x4” mono coil, allowing for a high level of sensitivity and penetration depth unseen by other models.

The Quest Scuba Tector also provides underwater searching capabilities up to 200 feet (60 meters) with its submersible waterproof housing. The underwater design is perfect for recovering submerged historical relics, rings, gold bracelets and more! Even with its underwater searching technological capabilities, the Scuba Tector remains mobile and lightweight, so detectorists will never get too tired to continue their treasure hunting. The ribbed, ergonomic body of the Scuba Tector offers hunters stability and comfort while detecting.

Featuring a industry first "Dive Mode", users can simply hold the two buttons for 2 seconds on the Scuba Tector for easier operation while underwater. A red light will flash 5 times and a vibration will start. Press the Mode button 3 times quickly to switch back to shallow water hunting mode.

If you are a detectorist that searches both on land and in the water, the Quest Scuba Tector Metal Detector will be an awesome addition to your metal detecting bag of tricks! Included with the Scuba Tector are a micro USB cable for charging the unit, a belt clip lanyard, and two extra rubber bands for the waterproof cap.

Quest Scuba Tector provides a limited warranty to the original purchaser of its products against all defects in original workmanship and material, under normal use and service, for one year from the date of purchase with the following exceptions:

  • All warranties void if electronic parts are opened.
  • Batteries are warranted for 90 days.
  • Cosmetic discoloration of surfaces.
  • Water flooding caused from battery cap seal.

Air testing for reference only. Actual detecting distance may vary depends on battery condition, soil condition, and objects material. See below reference:

coin graph


  • Lost Alarm
  • LED Flashlight
  • Target Locking Function
  • Ribbed and Ergonomic Body
  • LED / Buzzer / Vibration Alert
  • Lanyard Attachment Loop Cap
  • Li-Poly Battery Built Inside Shell
  • Easy to Use Two Buttons Control
  • For 200 ft (60m) Under Salt Water Operation

Quest XPointer Scuba Tector

Su diseño a prueba de agua permite una asistencia eficaz en cacerías submarinas de hasta 60 metros. El Scuba Tector también cuenta con un cuerpo estriado y ergonómico que ayuda con la comodidad y la estabilidad mientras se detecta bajo el agua. El Scuba Tector es una gran adición a cualquier actividad recreativa de detección de metales y mucho mas.

Batería Li-Poly construida dentro de la carcasa
Para 60M / 200f bajo operación de agua salada
Cuerpo acanalado y ergonómico
Fácil de usar control de dos botones
Alarma perdida
Tapa de lazo de sujeción de cordón
Función de bloqueo de destino
Linterna LED

Protección: 200FT / 60M bajo agua dulce o salada
Dimensiones: L 16.5 "/ 42CM, W 3.9" / 10CM, H 2.4 "/ 6CM
Peso: 11.6oz / 330 gramo
Bobina: bobina mono de 5 "x 4" / 13x10cm
Batería: construida en 3.7V 500mAh Li-Poly Battery
Método de trabajo: inducción de pulso. No hay falsificación en el ambiente de agua salada y arena negra
Frecuencia de funcionamiento: 95 kHz
Ajuste: Automático
Indicadores: luces LED de haz de audio / vibración La respuesta será intensa cuando la sonda se acerque a los objetos
Controles: Interruptor de encendido (Encendido / Apagado) Control de modo (Vibración / Zumbador / V + B) Linterna LED (Una vez encendido) / Dos modos de control: modo de buceo con snorkel (0 ~ 8M), modo inmersión (8 ~ 60

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