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Garrett Gold Trap Gold Panning Kit Bateas Garrett Gold Pan Kit 1651310

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Garrett Gold Trap Gold Panning KitIncludes 3 Gold Pans, Gold Guzzler Suction Bottle, Pair of Twee...
Gold Pan Kit Garrett Garrett's Patented Gravity Trap Deluxe Gold Pan Kit Garrett´s Patented...
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Garrett Gold Trap Gold Panning Kit
Includes 3 Gold Pans, Gold Guzzler Suction Bottle, Pair of Tweezers / Magnifier, 2 Gold Vials and Instruction Booklet

All Garrett metal detector gold pans are lightweight, green in color for enhanced gold nugget visibility, and virtually indestructible. Garrett’s patented 90° riffles can help you find gold faster and more efficiently. But it doesn’t end there! There are more Garrett gold recovery products to suit your prospecting needs.

Revolutionize your gold prospecting adventures with the Garrett 14" Gold Trap Prospector Gold Pan! The offset design of this innovative gold pan provides 33% more floor area than any other typical 14" gold pan. The Garrett 14" Combination Sifter / Classifier Gold Pan is designed for use in sifting gold, coins, jewelry and relics in either wet or dry debris. It fits into a 5-gallon bucket and its 7/16" exit hold restricts the passage of a U.S. dime while letting smaller items pass through. The Gold Guzzler bottle sucks find gold granules from the water at the bottom of the pan.

What's Included:

  • Two Gold Vials
  • Tweezers / Magnifier
  • 14" Gold Trap® Gold Pan
  • 10" Backpacker Gold Pan
  • Gold Guzzler Suction Bottle
  • 14" Combination Sifter / Classifier Pan
  • How to Find Gold Field Guide by Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal
Gold Pan Kit Garrett
Garrett's Patented Gravity Trap

Deluxe Gold Pan Kit Garrett´s Patented Gravity Trap

Diseñado por Prospectadores Profesionales

La Linea Garrett´s Gravity Trap Las unicas paneas patentadas en el mundo, y diseñadas para asegurar una repida recuperacion del oro en condiciones humedas o secas.

Las paneas son ultraligeras y vienen en color verda para facilitar la visibilidad de pepitas de oro y son virtualmente indestructibles.

Han sido existosamente probadas por Prospectadores Profesionales arededor del mundo.

El Gold Pan Kit Incluye:

  • 1 Panea de 15" SuperSluice
  • 1 Panea de 14" Prospector
  • 1 Panea de 10" Backpacker
  • Clasificador
  • Pinzas
  • Gold Guzzler
  • Libro: The New Gold Panning Is Easy (ingles)
  • Libro: How to Find Gold (ingles)
  • DVD Instruccional Gold Panning is Easy and Weekend Prospecting.
  • 2 Gold Vials


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