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NEL Attack 15" Search Coil (AT Pro) Bobina NEL ATTACK 15" x 15" para Garrett Serie ACE y Euro Ace

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Attack 15 coil AT Pro Attack 15 coil AT Pro
Product DescriptionNEL Attack 15" Search Coil (Garrett AT Pro)Waterproof 15" Search Coil from NEL...
BOBINA NEL ATTACK   !Dale mayor profundidad a tu  Detector de la serie ACE!  La bobina es e...
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Product Description
NEL Attack 15" Search Coil (Garrett AT Pro)
Waterproof 15" Search Coil from NEL. Designed for Garrett AT Pro. Includes Coil Cover

Need a search coil that will navigate highly mineralized soil with ease? The NEL Attack 15” could be exactly what you need. Completely waterproof, the NEL Attack 15” Search Coil for the Garrett AT-Pro features improved stability and sensitivity; durable, lightweight construction; two-year warranty; and a free coil cover. From land to sea, the NEL Attack 15” Search Coil can help you make your greatest find yet.


  • Weight : 1.9 lbs
  • Includes : Coil Cover
  • Size : 15" in Diameter
  • Construction : Waterproof
  • Warranty : 2 Year Warranty
  • Compatibility : Garrett AT Pro
  • More Information
  • NEL Attack 15" Search Coil (Garrett AT Pro)

The Attack Coil is the deepest coil, confirmed by tests of independent experts in the various forums and searchers at metal detecting meetings! It is recommended as a coil for deep searching. The coil is excellent for finding large targets as well as for small targets which weigh 1 gram and more at 25 cm deep. This coil is superior to standard coils in depth by 25% - 50% (depending on metal detector model) and in ground coverage between 50% - 80% (depending on metal detector model). It is recommended for use in open terrain.

The Attack Coil is fully submersible, body is filled with epoxy resin and additionally has a black protective coating that is used for the protection of marine boats, and it makes it possible to use the coil without a coil cover. The coil copes excellently with high and medium soil salinity. Recommended for professionals.

Attack Search Coil Graph


!Dale mayor profundidad a tu  Detector de la serie ACE!

 La bobina es excelente para encontrar objetivos grandes, así como para objetivos pequeños.  Dependiendo del modelo de detector de metales de la serie Ace, es superior en profundidad entre un 25% y un 50%  frente  a  las bobinas estándar. Esta bobina se recomienda para uso en terrenos abiertos.

Sumergible  y  extremadamente  resistente  al  estar  cubierta  por  resinas epoxica, la misma que es utilizada en la protección de barcos. Es posible utilizarse incluso sin la cubierta protectora en caso de ser necesario. Recomendado para profesionales o aficionados que buscan tener mayor profundidad en sus cacerías de tesoros y metales.

Información Adicional

  • Tamaño 15"x15" (38 x 38 cm)
  • Peso de 720 gr
  • Color negro
  • Compatible con la Serie Ace (150,200i,250,300i,400i y EuroAce)
  • Totalmente Impermeable
  • Tecnología doble D
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